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Hooked on Phonics is an application for children aged 5 and up. It is designed to help children learn to read and write through interactive games and exercises. Software is focused on teaching children alphabet and sounds of letters, words, and sentences. Provides Hooked on Phonics app a variety of different exercises, games to help children learn. Some of these include: Letter and Word tracing, letter and word matching, word and letter puzzles.


  • First is "Letter Phase" in which young children learn about alphabet Hooked on Phonics app computer, letter sounds, how to blend sounds together.
  • Second phase is "Word Phase" where children learn to read by associating each letter with a word.
  • Learn to Read: helps children learn to read by using simple, phonics-based words.
  • Phonics: helps children learn sounds of letters and the letter names.
  • Reading: helps children practice reading words from a variety of topics.
Best App for Kids!

Best App for Kids!

Overall, Hooked on Phonics old version is an app for iPhone and iPad that helps children ages 3 to 12 learn to read. When first launching soft, there are four options: Learn to Read, Letters, Games, Store. Software product Hooked on Phonics kids is level-based, which means children can work their way up to more complicated letters by playing game for a little bit.

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Interface is made up of a background Hooked on Phonics computer with a color that corresponds to difficulty level the player is playing on, word player is currently solving, three hints at bottom of screen. When player taps on word, they are able to sound out the word by tapping on letters, which are color coded to correspond to word. When player has decoded word, they are asked to listen to word to make sure that they have, in fact, decoded the word correctly. Interface of Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten is simple and easy to use. Software is designed to be used by children and is split into four different games: Alphabet, Words, Words and Sentences, Reading. Choosing game Hooked on Phonics app download child would like to play brings them to a screen with a series of options. Everything is laid out in simple and colorful design. Product is very low on iPhone’s screen background is a pleasing blue color.



There are six games in total, each with varying levels of difficulty. First game, “Match Letters”, has players identify letters that are either at top or bottom of the screen by tapping them. Each level has various letters that are animated.

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Usability of this app is excellent. Software Hooked on Phonics free has a very easy interface that is color-coded to correspond with the level of difficulty player is playing on. Game contains five reading comprehension puzzles, which can be completed by tapping on the screen. There are three hints available to player if they are struggling to solve the puzzle. Software download Hooked on Phonics app is very intuitive and easy to use. Everything is laid out in a simple and colorful design. Software is very low on iPhone’s screen and background is a pleasing blue color.



Provides a variety of exercises and games help children learn to read, write. Some of these include: Word and letter tracing, letter, word matching, word, letter puzzles. Player solves each puzzle by reading word, sounding it out, decoding it. If player original Hooked on Phonics completes all five puzzles, they are awarded a star, which can be seen in top left-hand corner of screen.

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Website for Hooked on Phonics free download, hookedonphonics.com, provides a FAQ section that can answer a lot of basic questions. Product has a parent section that tells parents how to help their children with soft. Software Hooked on Phonics desktop app has a very good support system. Product has a help menu that the user can access from the menu bar and developers have an email address that they can contact.

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  • Different Modes
    Different Modes
    Software download Hooked on Phonics has different modes, so it can be tailored to user's needs.
  • Basic Mode
    Basic Mode
    Basic mode is perfect for children who are just learning how to read. Sentence mode is for child who are just learn how to spell.
  • Story Mode
    Story Mode
    Story mode is for children who just learning how to read. These modes are just some of many modes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my child is ready for Phonics?
    Click on "Get Started" in top right-hand corner of screen. Click on "Enter My Child's Age" and enter your child's age. Click on "View Phonics Level." Click on level that corresponds with your child's age.
  • What is a phonics approach?
    A phonics approach teaches children to read by sounding out letter combinations and recognizing words based on their individual letter sounds.
  • What is difference between Hooked on Phonics app free and other phonics programs?
    Software is designed for children ages 3-5 and is comprised of interactive games and adaptive lessons. Other phonics programs are primarily reading programs for older children.

The Latest News

Patch Notes - January 06, 2022 Patch Notes - January 06, 2022 The latest update for the Hooked on Phonics app addresses several user-reported issues and includes new features for the first time. One user reported that the app would crash on startup after restoring from iCloud backup. Apple responded to the issue by fixing the bug. The new account feature lets...
  • 6 January, 2022
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  • What is Hooked on Phonics & How to Use? Hooked on Phonics application was created by the company called "Hooked on Phonics" in order to help children learn to read. This program is mainly for children ages 4-8 years old, but it is beneficial for people of all ages. Hooked on Phonics was also created to help children with disabilities, bec...
    • 6 January, 2022
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  • New Update - Patch Notes In the latest update, Hooked on Phonics has added a new "Discover" section that includes a new course for beginner readers. This new course is designed to help children learn the basics of reading and writing English, and will be available to all users for free. In addition, Hooked on Phonics has al...
    • 4 January, 2022
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